Sörmlands Museum

3 Nov, 2020

Skonto Prefab is good at finding original solutions with the best possible solution for each customer. The project, launched in 2014, provided premises not only for the museum's exhibits but also for seminars and events, to preserve the history and culture of the region for future generations. The customers chose a unique solution for the facade of the museum building. The facade consists of an 1845 m2 black reinforced concrete sandwich panel and 137 m2 or 29 graphic reinforced concrete facade walls, which show 47 historical photos from the city archives. To achieve the best visual effect of the image, white cement and special black granite aggregates were used for the production of the element, which were combined in a precisely calculated concrete recipe according to a different concrete mixing technology.


Skonto Prefab was the first company not only in Latvia but in the whole Baltics, which offered graphic, reinforced concrete facade elements in its product range.


We are proud that our team has been part of an important project, and as a result of our work, the Sörmlands Museum has received the Swedish Museum of the Year Award 2020! Congratulations!

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