Project KF Skolen

20 Oct, 2020

Skonto Group company Skonto Prefab has completed work on the project of the construction company Backe Rogaland AS in Stavanger, Norway, in less than four months. As part of this, Skonto Prefab designed the load-bearing structures of the building, manufactured CLT panels in Jelgava, delivered and assembled them. The structures of the building are made of environmentally friendly materials that are safe for humans - CLT wooden panels and glued beams or Glulam. The cost of this phase of the project was 1.25 million euros.


The project includes the total of five buildings with the total area of 4596 square meters. This project required 920 cubic meters of CLT wood panels and 160 cubic meters of wood beams. A total of 27 platforms with the necessary materials have been delivered to the Norwegian city of Stavanger.


"We are pleased that we managed to implement such a large project in such a short time - 14 weeks. Especially because it came with its own challenges. The customer wanted CLT wood panels to remain in the interior finish, so we needed to pay extra attention to how the material is packaged, loaded, stored and assembled so that it is not only functional but also visually looks good,” says Skonto Prefab CEO Mārtiņš Ķeņģis.


He explains that the use of CLT wood panels and glued wood beams in building construction is becoming more and more popular for three reasons. First, clients are thinking more about creating environmentally friendly buildings and timber is a renewable natural resource. Second, CLT panels have high structural integrity and stability. Due to the high degree of strength and stability, CLT are great for building floor, wall and roof structures in multi-story construction. Third, this type of building structures is much more efficient in terms of transportation and they are easier to set up, which allows the client to save resources on installation costs. It should be noted that in the Norwegian project, the task was performed by a team of six people.


"Although many of our projects are currently implemented in the Scandinavian countries, I am convinced that in the near future the use of timber will become increasingly popular both in Latvia and elsewhere in Europe, especially in the construction of public buildings such as schools, social housing and sports halls," claims M. Ķeņģis.


The commissioning authority of the project “KF Skolen” is “Backe Rogaland AS”, the assembly of wooden structures was performed by “Skonto Prefab” in cooperation with the construction company “Aisi Constructor”.


Photo by: Aisi Constructor AS.

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