SKONTO PREFAB has extended new product portfolio by producing sandwich walls with brick tiles

31 Aug, 2016

Starting August 2016 SKONTO PREFAB has extended its product portfolio by producing sandwich walls with external layer made from brick tiles for project Tollare Strand.


We were able to fulfil our Customer desire to use brick slips in exact coloring “Petersen D48”. We found a factory in Germany which was able to produce and deliver all the necessary brick slips for this project.


Production process of these walls is complicated and needs special attention. First of all we use special matrix considering dimension of brick slips. Next step is to use special membrane that would protect brick slips from dirty surface of concrete. After that brick slips are placed in direct spots regarding project requirements. When brick tiles location are checked by Quality control department everything is poured with concrete.

By the way, to achieve the best architectural view it is possible to use different colors of brick slips on one facade. Other two layers of the wall is produced according standard technology.

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